Experiential Learning With PrestaPlay

500 relevant experiences

Choose from over 500 relevant experiences across different competencies

Reinforced Learning

No game is just for fun. The learning is reinforced with every activity


Experiences are made memorable with collectables and reminders

Asynchronous Experience

Mobile-Enabled Experiences are asynchronous and can be played across time zones in real-time.

Professional Moral in fun

Expert debriefs ensure that you make meaning out of the fun

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Blended solutions that are experiential in nature, simulating actual work-life parameters

Learning Is Fun

PrestaPlay is built on the time-tested and effective methodologies of experiential learning and gamification. The experiential Learning methodology is ingrained in our learning design. Various experiences are carefully chosen for their learning potential as they provide opportunities for learners to try out and develop new skills. Delivered both online and offline, as stand-alone learning events or as components of structured learning, PrestaPlay is the fun way to learn – with great impact.

About PrestaPlay

Experiential Learning: Online & Offline

With our expertise in organizational sociology and behavioral psychology, Experiential Learning methodology is ingrained in our learning design. Various experiences are carefully chosen for their learning potential as they provide opportunities for learners to try out and develop new skills, meet with new and unpredictable situations that both support and challenge their new learning, and help learners draw the most out of natural consequences of their action, in the course of each ‘game’ built into our programs.  

Bespoke Experimentation & Innovation Driven Learning Process

Our trained and experienced behaviours scientists drive the learning process keeping the learner engaged by posing questions, prompting investigating, encouraging experimentation, and all the time keeping them  curious as learners. This strengthens their skills of problem solving, taking responsibility for their actions, being creative and innovative, and making meaning of the experience as they apply it to real life situations.